Collision repairs

Whether it is a small ding or your car needs a new front end, with our 69 years of experience, let us repair your car to its pre-loss condition. We can deal with the insurance company and make the whole process hassle free!

We can restore your classic to a beautiful showpiece you can be proud of! We can handle anything from a paint job, to a frame-off restoration. We also do light mechanical repairs on classic cars, brakes, carburetor rebuild, just about any aspect of your car we can fix. (See media page for photos of completed cars or check us out on facebook).

We have the capabilities to sandblast smaller items in a blast cabinet - approximately 2x2 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

My insurance company said I have to take my car to a certain shop?

Under Missouri Law you may have your automobile repaired at the shop of your choice. A shop that looks out for you, not the insurance companies' bottom line! Do you like it when your insurance company tells you what doctor to go to? Who knows best, your doctor or some adjuster? The same holds true here!
Will my insurance company pay for the repairs if I bring my car to you?

Of course!
We have a profesional relationship with all insurance companies and have no problem collecting payment from them, besides it�s the law!
My insurance company said that you are not on their approved list?

We choose not to participate in any Direct Repair Programs (DRPs) or  select service programs.
My insurance company said they would guarantee the repairs of the shops on their list?

The insurance companies guarantee consists of them calling a shop and informing them a particular customer has a problem. A reputable shop will quickly resolve any problems or customer concerns. We also offer our own limited lifetime guarantee. We have not been in business for almost 70 years by not taking care of our customers!
What is a DRP?

A DRP shop is a shop that agrees to work for the insurance company first and for you second! They sometimes agree to work for a lower labor rate or not charge or do some necessary repairs, which can lead to poor repairs.
Why is your shop not a DRP shop?

The criteria to be a DRP is rather arbitrary. It has no bearing on a shops ability to properly repair a vehicle. The simple fact is that if a shop's estimating system does not communicate with their's, a shop will not be on their list.
Aren't DRPs good for all of us?

The main purpose for the insurance companies is to eliminate estimators and salaries. Personally, we do not feel DRPs help the auto body industry at all.
Will my insurance company write an estimate at my house or place of employment?

It is their job to write an estimate for their records. Some companies also have drive in facilities.
Will your estimate and the insurance companies be the same?

We will generally work off an insurance estimate. Most of the time they are within the same ballpark!
My insurance company figured after-market or CAPA parts.

Insist on Original Equipment Manufacturer. (OEM) parts. After-market parts are copies of parts made in Taiwan! And CAPA is a company set up by insurance companies to 'Certify' these after-market parts. It would be like the government letting the oil companies run the EPA!

We hope that these FAQs have cleared up any questions.
If you have any more feel free to call us (314) 965-2953 or
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